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ICD10                       PQRS                              HIPAA                      MEANINGFUL USE

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT                       Software                     Services                     Support

EHR & MEANINGFUL USE                              Software                     Services                     Support

EDI PROCESSING & SERVICES                Claims                         Remittance                Eligibility
Patient Reminder    Statements                 Portals
                                                                                                                      Payments                   Merchant Services

“CLOUD” HOSTING SERVICES                          Servers                       Applications               Data 

HARDWARE/NETWORKING                             Servers                       Devices                        LAN/WAN
                                                                                         Virtualization           Remote Access          VPN HL7
                                                                                         Support, Repair, Disaster Planning and Recovery

MISC SERVICES                                                                      Customer <-> 3rd party vendor support advocate
                                                                                         Data conversion & migration project management
                                                                                         Data sharing & interoperability